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  • Chickenscratch / TEXT- Jumanji


    Whoever says Direct Mail Campaigns aren’t a blast never had me darken their conference room door. Case in point, the following project ended up bagging a John Caples International Direct and Interactive Marketing Award for the Milton Bradley Company. The interactive, bamboo crate promoting Jumanji the board game followed in the footsteps of Jumanji the Caldecott Award-winning children’s book as well as the film starring Robin Williams. Real African tribal masks, counter weights for gold and a pith helmet were included, along with rhymes that alerted the nation’s top toy buyers to how the game was played as well as the buying opportunity, i.e., “Not wearing this protective hat risks danger in the jungle, but not preparing for Jumanji could be a bigger bungle!” The following, celebratory video shows the Acoount Executive., Art Director and yours truly celebrating our win with the tribal providers of some of the most authentic chachkies ever used to promote a product.


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